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Our Mission    

Saving Lives through Early Detection        


Life takes on a whole new dimension when you know for certain that your heart – literally your body’s engine -is working perfectly. If you are leading a healthy lifestyle, it always pays to be sure that you are indeed enjoying its fullest benefits. 

At HeartScan International, our aim is to save lives through early detection with a particular emphasis on heart disease, stroke and cancer.  As a result of the amazing medical advances made in the diagnostic arena, we successfully deliver world-class medical care by combining the latest in medical diagnostic technologies while harnessing the talents of well-trained experienced medical professionals. We provide a wide-ranging array of services that detect the onset of disease and provide excellent medical care in every medicinal discipline. Our concept of service is to provide personalized and professional medical care in an exclusive, clean and relaxed ambiance.  Clients benefit from a one-stop medical service that encompasses health screening programs, family healthcare services, diagnostic tests and procedures.    


HeartScan International is one of the very few diagnostic centers in the world using the ultrafast, low radiation e-Speed EBCT scanner for cardiac and body imaging.   We also boast extensive medical services and  facilities.   We have an experienced and specially-trained team of doctors, nurses, radiographers, lab technicians and physiotherapists on hand for your every need. Should you find yourself in need of specialist consultation in areas such as gynecology, or require the services of a chiropractor, we are more than happy to arrange the appointments for you with our visiting specialists who form part of our extensive network of consultants.  

Although small in size, we see this as an advantage; patients can undergo tests and procedures without the hassle of transferring from one department of a hospital to another. Our patients are also given peace of mind through our warm and friendly environment that puts the mind and body at ease. No matter what dialect or language you speak, our team possess multi-lingual capabilities in languages such as English, Malay, Mandarin, Indonesian, Japanese and other various dialects.

Our team of specialist consultants is backed by a well-trained qualified team of paramedics to ensure your experience with us is never less than perfect. All you have to do is speak with a client service officer, and leave us to do the rest.

As an internationally renowned pioneer in heart and whole body imaging, HeartScan International is the premier diagnostic center in Malaysian and South East Asia.  

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 Our Services:

Executive Screening Programme  • Family Medicine    Daycare   • Gastrovideoscopy    Colonoscopy  • Digital Retinal Imaging   Ultrasound   •E-Speed (Heart scan/Total body scan )  •3D Non-invasive Electron Beam Angiogram •Quantitative CT Bone Mineral Densitometry   •X-ray  Medical diagnostic laboratory & Pharmacy    Laser  Surgery    Stress ECG    Holter ECG     Sleep Apnea Test



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